The Institute of Customer Service has named Amazon as the company with the best customer service score in the UK for the past decade.

The Institute of Customer Service is an independent, professional body designed to improve both business practices and customer service across the UK. In a report published earlier this week, Amazon received an average customer service score of 87.4 (out of 100) on the UK Customer Service Index (UKCSI) between January 2010 and January 2020 – the best in the UK.

Amazon employees collecting best customer service of the decade award

The UKCSI measures customer service across different industry sectors in the UK. The results are determined by polls taken from 10,000 customers every six months.

Jo Causon, CEO at The Institute of Customer Service, said: “Excellent customer service matters; brands that are clear about their purpose and consistently deliver on this, experience better financial results, improved productivity and forge trusted relationships.”

Amazon’s ability to understand customers and personalise services to their needs were credited as key reasons for our success. The report also highlights customers’ autonomy when using our services, plus our solid and reliable customer service team who are always ready to handle more complex service enquiries.

At Amazon, Customer Obsession is one of our 14 Leadership Principles and we are proud that this dedication to our loyal and dedicated customer base has been reflected in the UKSCI ranking.

This follows the announcement that we were awarded ‘Best Online Retailer’ of 2019 at the TechRadar Mobile Choice Consumer Awards as well as ranking number one on Opinium’s Most Connected Brands Index for the second year running.

Last year we were also named the UK’s most popular employer by both LinkedIn and Glassdoor, underlining our belief that employee satisfaction has a direct impact on customer experience.

We are delighted to be recognised for our commitment to delivering best-in-class customer service and we’re excited to continue innovating on behalf of our customers.

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