Electrical and electronic devices have given us many new ways to enjoy our lives – like spending time with people we love and doing things we enjoy. But have you ever thought about how to dispose of these products when they get old or broken?

Once no longer needed, unfortunately these products can end up in our household waste – where their journey ends on a landfill site, which pollutes our soil, air, water, wildlife and human health. In fact, every year in the UK an estimated two million tonnes of e-waste is discarded in landfill sites – including everything from toasters and pocket calculators, to photocopiers and fax machines.

To tackle this problem, Amazon helps you recycle products you no longer need.

Our waste management programme means Amazon customers can quickly and easily recycle their electrical and electronic equipment.

As an Amazon customer, you can make use of our take-back programme for electrical and electronic items you no longer need by requesting a courier pickup from one of Amazon's recycling partners. In the UK, items can be mailed to Amazon recycling partners using a prepaid label – or taken to one of more than 2,900 UPS drop-off points across the country.

Robert ter Kuile, Director of Amazon’s Environmental Assurance and Protection team, explains: “Amazon takes its environmental responsibilities very seriously. We provide convenient product recycling to customers in 24 countries across Europe and we are committed to raising awareness of the service.’’

To find out more about environmentally friendly ways to dispose of your products, check out the different options on our recycling website and watch our video above to learn more.

Additionally, we have provided all the information you need regarding the safe recycling of electrical or electronic equipment – including tips for removing personal data from these devices.

In the UK, you can also get information from Alexa by asking: “Alexa, can Amazon recycle my electronic device?”

Find out more at www.amazon.co.uk/recycling