“I have worked for Amazon for 10 years now and never once have I been bored or not engaged, every day brings a new challenge as the company evolves,” said Catherine Wintle, fulfilment centre buyer at Amazon in Swansea.

We invited employees from our UK fulfilment centres to share their thoughts and feelings about why Amazon is the right place for them. This resulted in a collection of stories from employees from all walks of life, all united by the fact that they have found a job and environment they are truly happy in.

‘I Found the Right Place’ is a pan-European programme at Amazon and this year more than 800 people from our UK sites put pen to paper with a range of stories to tell. From impressive health improvement and career development to incredible teamwork and new friendships, others shared the pride and satisfaction they feel fulfilling customer orders or their thanks for Amazon benefits and the difference this has made to their life.

"Starting work at Amazon has transformed my life in many ways, not least the good impact on my health. The active nature of the job, coupled with a better diet, has helped me recover from diabetes. Amazon has also had a positive effect on my life is through the great friendships I have formed with interesting and like-minded people,” said Satbinder Gill, fulfilment centre associate at Amazon in Coalville.

At each of our sites a panel of judges chose one standout story that would take the winner all the way to the U.S.

From associates handling customer orders, to apprentices and those in buying and health and safety roles; these Amazonians have a passion for delivering for customers, for developing new skills, and for forming new friendships.

The chosen employees jetted off to the Amazon head office in Seattle to tour the campus, meet their colleagues across the pond and enjoy some sightseeing.

Here we proudly share their personal stories and highlights from their visit to Seattle.