A dog inspects an Amazon package
Putting your package to the test
Simulating the journey of a package from manufacturer to the customer’s doorstep.
Test methods, instructional videos and resources to perform package certification testing for Amazon.

ISTA 6-Amazon.com-Ships in Own Container (SIOC) test method overview

Detailed performance test method overview required to certify a package as ready to ship for all Tier 1 and Tier 2 certifications.

ISTA 6-Amazon.com-SIOC test method introduction

The first of fourteen instructional videos on how to perform Amazon’s packaging certification test methods
ISTA Certified Testing Labs Search Tool
In addition to the Amazon Packaging Support and Supplier Network (APASS), vendors or sellers looking for external testing services to perform the ISTA 6 Amazon-SIOC or Over Boxing test methods can leverage the ‘Find a Lab’ search tool located here.
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An Amazon box box with a seal that reads "Packaging Programs" "Frustration-Free".
Amazon celebrates 10th anniversary of Frustration-Free Packaging
Read about the history of Frustration-Free Packaging and how this innovation is reducing “Wrap Rage” for our customers
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A wooden table has the Amazon Frustration Free Packaging Seal with the Amazon Sustainability logo.
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