Amazon delivery boxes roll down a conveyor belt at Amazon's warehouse in Baltimore, MD.
Your questions, answered
Our fulfilment network includes more than 175 locations across the world. Learn more about what it’s like inside our fulfilment centres through these frequently asked questions.
We get a lot of questions about our fulfilment network and answer the top hits below.

Your Amazon Public Tour experience awaits

Since March 2015, customers are invited to sign up for free guided tours of Amazon’s fulfilment centres in the UK

Public tours launched at Dunfermline fulfilment centre

In celebration of our fifth year in Dunfermline, this week we welcomed more than 250 children, teachers and parents from local primary schools into our fulfilment centre.
Frequently asked questions
  • What is a fulfilment centre?
    We call our warehouses fulfilment centres because the entire process is fulfilled from start to finish – inventory comes in from manufacturers and is shipped out directly to customers.
  • How many fulfilment and sortation centres are there globally?
    Amazon has more than 175 fulfilment centres across the globe enabling us to offer fast shipping to our customers. We have more than 110 in North America and more than 40 fulfilment centres across Europe.
  • How many associates work in fulfilment centres?
    Amazon operations has more than 250,000 employees globally.
  • How big are fulfilment centres?
    Amazon’s fulfilment centres range in size from about 400,000 – 1,000,000 square feet.
  • How many inventory items are inside your fulfilment centres?
    We ship millions and millions of items from our fulfilment centres.
  • How many types of fulfilment centres are there?
    Amazon has multiple building types for flexibility within our network.
  • How many employees work at each fulfilment centre?
    It varies by location.
  • How do Amazon sortation centres work?
    At sort centres, customer orders are sorted by final destination and consolidated onto lorries for faster delivery. In a single day, a typical Amazon sort centre will sort tens of thousands of customer packages.
  • What type of training does Amazon offer to new employees in the fulfilment centre?
    We offer a variety of training to ensure the safety of our employees. See more at our Training pages.
  • What types of jobs do you generally hire for?
    We hire for positions from picking, packing and shipping customer orders to facilities technicians to HR members. In addition to competitive wages, we also offer employees comprehensive benefits starting on day one, and innovative programs like Career Choice, which pre-pays 95% of the cost for books and tuition for courses in in-demand fields.
  • Where can a candidate go to get more information?
    Applicants can learn more and apply at
  • What qualities are you looking for in candidates?
    We look for enthusiastic, hardworking individuals who have a commitment to customer service.
  • Do the FCs employ individuals with disabilities?
    Yes, we are an equal opportunity employer.
  • How do you handle safety in fulfilment centres?
    The top priority of our fulfilment centre network is safety. Visit our Safety pages to learn more.
  • What kind of pay and benefits can associates expect?
    Amazon has created in the UK more than 25,000 good jobs with a minimum wage of £9.50 per hour (in the London area, minimum wage is £10.50 per hour) on top of industry-leading benefits and skills training opportunities which include private medical insurance, life assurance, income protection, paid breaks and company pension plan. For associates reaching their one-year employment mark, we offer our innovative Career Choice program, which pre-pays 95% of tuition for courses in high-demand fields.
  • How does technology impact your fulfilment centres?
    It’s about being efficient with both space and movement. Robotics, combined with Artificial Intelligence, allows us to have a broader array of products in our fulfilment centres and to move those products to FC associates and customers most efficiently. Robotics allows us to increase storage capacity and have a broad selection of products as close to customers as possible. Machine Learning is used to define where those products are and how they should most efficiently move from point A to point B. Thanks to this technology, what used to take hours can now be achieved in mere minutes.
  • How many robots do you have?
    We have more than 100,000 Amazon robotic units worldwide that work alongside hundreds of thousands of employees in our fulfilment centres. We utilize these high-end technologies within our fulfilment centres to speed up order processing times and increase storage capacity.
  • How are these advancements in automation creating faster shipping times for customers?
    We are able to process orders faster and get customer packages on lorries faster for delivery to our customers.
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